Planning a Proper SEO Campaign

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a process by which the ranking of a particular website is increased on SERP or Search Engine Results Page. Websites are constantly evaluated by certain web crawlers or ‘spiders’ like Google, Bing, Yahoo and the like. Google indexes certain websites for you once you type something on your search engine. These are the websites that you will get to browse through. The arrangement is according to their relevance to the topic or the keywords you have entered into the search engine. This requires special algorithms that make out the significance of every web page.

Businesses tend to focus on attaining high ranks on the results page of the search engines. That way their trade would flourish, they will get better exposure. This has made them invest larger amounts of money in the SEO campaigns and Toronto SEO Company. Companies with higher stake at the expansion of online business tend to take SEO campaigns more seriously. But, they must keep a few rules in mind.

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Plan your content

Good content is a must when it comes to SEO campaigns. Pictures, texts, videos, infographics, audios, and all the different types of content must be kept in mind and planned for beforehand. This will lead to a smooth operation and also the development of a traffic growth on the website. Hiring content writers and Toronto SEO company with the proper set of skills, and who can make optimal use of the web page is also necessary.

Aim at ‘Featured Snippets’

Featured snippet is usually located at the top of the page of the search results and usually gives brief information on the topic entered. Companies must focus making their webpage efficient enough as to include every necessary ingredient. This may help them earn ‘Featured Snippets’.

Organic Traffic Boosting

Having sales goals is important, and also need items that are actionable. This should be a focal point of your planning. Because these items are based on strategies created to boost the organic traffic. Premium tools namely, SEMRush, Ahrefs and Moz are useful in advancing your SEO campaign, so be sure to invest in them.

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Leverage high ranked websites

Initially the plan of the campaigner must be focused on leveraging websites that are highly ranked, this method is also known as “Barnacle SEO Approach”. This is necessary for generating equity in terms of brand and also driving your presence on the web. This will help in the making of a powerful webpage and success will soon follow.

Now we must focus on the don’ts in the process.


When you finally present your plan to the client make sure that you quote figures of importance and achievers in the field. Target audience varies from one industry to another, so how you project your page matters and must not be overtly stated. This will require a lot of background check.

Experienced workers

Do not hire people or any Toronto SEO Company who are not good at this or not confident about this. SEO takes a lot of understanding and knowledge about the evolution of search engines. Inexperienced employees are a no go. Google relies on frequent updating and changes how it works. Your SEO campaigns must follow this example and constantly update it.