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What Exactly is In Vitro Fertilization and How Does it Work? 

If you are struggling to get pregnant then you might want to consider IVF.  This is actually in virtro fertilization and it is one way to achieve pregnancy. When this type of fertilization is carried out the egg and the sperm are joined together in a laboratory.  Once this has taken place the embryo is going to be placed inside of the woman’s uterus.

Those individuals that are considering this form of treatment will want to take a little bit of time to consider all of the steps that are involved in this process.  This can certainly help you decide if you would like to go through with the process or not.

When the process begins the eggs are monitored while they are still inside of the female.  This is done in order to help ensure that the eggs are developing normally and that they are healthy.  Then the eggs are going to be collected from the female.  At this time sperm will also be collected and secured. An in-depth explanation can be found by clicking here.

As you can imagine the egg and the sperm are then placed together in the lab.  They are monitored closely and the environment is controlled to ensure that the embryo will grow and thrive.  This is done so that it can be implanted into the uterus later.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect we will look at IVF a little bit closer.  You will see that you are going to be given fertility medications.  This is often called the induction of ovulation.  This is carried out to ensure that they are a numerous eggs that can be collected.  This is necessary as some eggs are not going to ripen and they cannot be used if that is the case.  Blood samples will be collected and ultrasounds will also be performed.

The eggs are gathered with a small needle through the pelvic cavity with the use of ultrasound to guide the process. You may feel some cramping on the day that the eggs were retrieved.  Some women even report that they have a feeling of fullness for a few weeks after the procedure.

As the eggs and the sperm are combined in the lab there may be times when one single sperm is going to be injected into an egg to help with the fertilization process. Once an embryo has developed it will be implanted into the woman’s uterus.  This step can happen anywhere between one and six days after the embryo has developed.

Now, you may be wondering if in virtro fertilization works?  This is always a question that should be answered before making the decision to go through with this process or not.  The statistics show that the success rate can be as high as 35% for women that are under the age of 35 when they have procedure done.  Keep in mind that this number will decrease the older that the women gets.  In fact, it may be as low as 10% for women that are over the age of 40.

        Is IVF Worth The Risk?

Are you wondering if there are risks with IVF or a fertility treatment like this?  There are always some risks that you should be speaking with your doctor about.  You could feel bloated or even a lack of appetite.  There are also some women that report that they suffered from cramping.  These are more regular side effects. There are some more serious side effects that have been experience by less than 1% of the women that have undergone this procedure.
For example, you should know that some females have had very severe cramping and bloating.

Others have not been able to keep food down as they are continually vomiting.  There are a lot of females that report urinating frequently when they are pregnant. However, it has been reported by less than 1% of women who underwent in vitro fertilization that they had a decrease in their urination flow.  A shortness of breath has also been experienced before.  Finally, some women report that they gained upwards of 10 pounds within a few short days of having this procedure done.  If you elect to go through with IVF and you have any of these symptoms you will want to speak with your doctor immediately.

Finally, this may be the measures that you need to take in order to have a healthy baby. Just remember that you have an increased risk of multiple births if you have IVF.  There is an increased chance with any fertility treatment and this one is not any different.  You can also speak with your doctor about any of the risks related to this and your health and age as well.  If you are working with a doctor that specializes in this treatment they will be able to answer any of your questions.

What Are The Alternatives?

Because IVF does have some risks it would be prudent to at least explore other methods so that one is either familiar with or has exhausted all other possibilities. One resource that has proved beneficial is this website that has a comprehensive list of alternatives to IVF. Another is The Pregnancy Miracle which uses all natural methods.

Whatever path one chooses, it is important to make sure that you understand the risks associated with any fertility treatment.